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NES.Emu Emulator iPA

Want to play your favorite Nintendo Entertainment System game console on your Non-Jailbreak iOS device for free. Then Download NES.Emu – a Powerful Nintendo NES console emulator app for iOS 17/16/15/ 14.5 / 13.4.1 – 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 on iPhone, iPad and Android APK touch, No-Jailbreak.


Download NES.Emu iPA :

Download iPA

Android APK

Install Via Altstore

NES.Emu is an Advanced Nintendo Entertainment system NES / Famicon console emulator app based on FCEUX 2.2.3-git. This is the first NES console emulator developed by Robert Brogila for supporting a wide variety of non-jailbreak iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. This is a light-light app that uses a UI document browser view controller for NES ROMs browsing and lets you play the latest NES console games with high-emulation speed. Recently the developer introduced another NES emulator called MeSNEmu and SIOS app for non-jailbreak community users. You can also try those NES / SNES console apps for free.

NES Emulator Features:

  • Save state support.
  • Backup memory.
  • Supports ROM files in .nes and .unf formats.
  • Famicom Disk System emulation.
  • FCEU – compatible cheat files.
  • HID Bluetooth/USB game pad & keyboard support.
  • Works in any orientation.
  • Zapper/Gun support.
  • VS Uni System.

Install NES Emulator iPA on iOS Using Altstore 2024

  • First, Download the Required NES.EMU iPA from Our IPA Library on your iPhone or iPad device.
iPA Library
  • In case If you already have an Altstore on your Device, Then Tap on Install Via Altstore for Direct download and Installation.
  • if you don’t have an Altstore then Download and Install from Our Altstore Download Page.
Download Altstore
  • Once the Altstore is Downloaded and Installed successfully on your iOS iPhone or iPad device, then simply Open it.
  • On the Altstore Mobile App, Tap on the “+” icon from the top-left corner.
  • Now a list of downloaded IPA files will be displayed on the screen, So Just Tap on the required iPA file for installation via Altstore.
  • After that, the Altstore server starts the installation process of the app, generally, it takes a few minutes only.
  • Once the App installed successfully, it will appear on the home screen as-well-as from the Altstore My Apps tab.
  • Trust the Profile Developer certificate before accessing the App, You can Fix the Untrusted Enterprise error from the below steps.
  • Finally, Open and Enjoy unlimited premium & hack features for free of cost that too without iOS Jailbreak.
  • Note: Apps that you installed from Altstore will get revoked after 7 days, But don’t worry you can resign them from your by just accessing the My Apps tab in Altstore. There Just Tap on the X DAYS button next to the app.

How to Install NES.Emu APK using Cydia Impactor

  • First of all, Download the latest version IPA file onto your Windows or Mac computer from Above Button.
  • Now, Download the IPA file signing tool like Cydia Impactor side-load tool from below.
Cydia Impactor Windows
Cydia Impactor MacOS
  • Connect your iOS device to your computer with the help of a USB cable and Trust it.
  • Now Extract the ZIP file of the signing tool and run it. We Recommend Cydia Impactor and Altstore for the best result.
  • After, Drag the IPA file downloaded in step 1 and drop it onto Cydia Impactor.
  • Now the Cydia Impactor signing tool will ask for your secured Apple ID and password for side-load purpose. Here the Cydia impactor tool will not misuse the Apple ID which can use this for verification purpose only.
  • In case If you’re not interested to provide your Apple ID, then create an secondary-alternative Apple ID and use that instead off it.
  • Once the app is installed.

Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles (or “Device Management” / “Profiles & Device Management”). there Find the installed App profile with your Apple ID and try to open it.

  • After Tap on the Trust button from the pop-up box to use the App on your device.
  • Finally, Launch the app from Home screen and enjoy the awesome features on your Non-Jailbreak iPhone/ iPad device that too with free of cost.

How To Download NES Emulator Android Apk for free

  • Step.1) Download latest Version NES.Emu APK.
  • Step.2) Once the Apk file downloaded, Head to File Manager >>Downloads.
  • Step.3) Tap on the Apk file >>> On the Next screen again tap the Install Button.
  • Step.4) Wait few minutes for Installation.
  • Step.5) Once the Process finished, Open the Hack game and Enjoy it.

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